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İmport And Export

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We are manufacturer of boxing and related boxing items plz visit my web tree impex an

We are exporter in boxing and martial arts . Plz visit my web Tree

We are exporter in course suites

in good price and body wants to buy plz contact us

Soft drink, Fruit juice drink

Our Bidrico, We are manufacturing and trading in Carbonated soft drink, energy drink/ beverages with brands:Bidrico, A*Nuta , Yobi , Restore, Bi’s Nest, Bird’s Net and Fruit Jelly

Bidrico company which is one of top beverage manufacturers in Viet Nam which has been having many kinds such as: Carbonated Soft drink with flavor, Energy drink, Fruit drink, drinking water, Sterilized drinking Yoghurt with flavor,….

At the present, we are selling and exporting for both domestic and overseas, our company site has function for exporting to all over the world

We are expanding to overseas market and export our products to many countries. We know you are professional company, so if you’re interesting in our soft drinks, energy drink, Bird’s nest drink,…or you prefer to do OEM products. Please consult us.

Hope we have a chance to re-cooperate with you if you have any plans to…


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